The beetle has a soul, I can’t explain the reasons why but it’s like this!

It waits for you in its garage, even for months, and then, when you decide to carry it around its enough to push down the gas pedal, you turn the key and it starts to mutter, taking you wherever you want to go, transforming a simple trip or a weekend into a memory that you will always carry in your heart.

Why do children, still immune from marketing influences, see a beetle or a Volkswagen bus and pull  their parent’s arm to get their attention, smile and point at it?

The reason is its shapes, its cute front and back, but I really think that it’s something more you can’t explain.

  • No ABS
  • No Airbag’s
  • No Electronic Injection
  • No Brake Assist
  • No Power Steering
  • No Air Conditioner
  • No Electric Windows
  • No Central Locking system
  • No Stop & Start
  • No ASP
  • No ESP
  • No GPS