We are Marco and Alberto, two friends with a common passion for engines and well done things. We work on the client’s car as if it’s ours, taking care of every single detail in a maniacal way. Most of the time it takes longer than it would take normally, but we are like this, and no business rule could make us change our minds.

You either do things well or it’s better not to do them at all. This is our only rule.

The repair shop was founded by Sergio Castellan over 50 years ago, and today we carry on the experience transforming our passion for Volksvagen and air-cooled beetles into a real job.

We are sure that the specialization is the only principle on which you can find a new job done to perfection, because nowadays even in the niche of vintage cars, there are way too many cars, and the general mechanic, even though they’re super prepared will never be able to compete against someone who puts all his effort into a singular product. We learnt to build our cars and customized pieces prepared for us from the best specialists of the sector, from experience and mistakes.