Here you can find a wide choice of beetles, Volkswagen bus and Karman Ghia, or you can tell us what you want so we can find  you what you’re looking for, supporting you through the purchase and the car recovery from all Europe.


Its our jewelry, Volkvagens that we disassembled in every single piece, transforming into new everything that was recoverable, substituting the pieces that are way too damaged by the time, or that can be substituted by pieces that are more recent and with better performance. Our new cars are equipped by technological upgrades that help the daily use such as:  the power steering, disc brakes, rack steering gear, fatter tyres, electronic ignitions, and other small but precious details.


We personally deal with the regeneration of the series engine, as for the replacement with engines of all kinds (racing and series) following the customers needs.


The replacement of the original braking system with front disc brakes (for the most performing vehicles even the rear ones), the complete replacement of tubes and pump. For the cars for which the customer requests that the originality of the vehicle is maintained, we perform the revisions of the standard system.


Replacement of the shock absorber of the best brand and prepared on our specific indications.


We deal with the complete dismantling and with the consecutive assembly following a strict procedure of cataloging every single piece. The bodywork and the VIN are entrusted to our selected partners for the hot paint stripping, tinsmith’s workshop, cataphoresis and painting.


The client will chose the materials of the seats, of the dashboard and of the panels whose processing is entrusted to artisans who have been working with us since 20 years.


For the interventions of few days, such as the service of the car braking system, and small interventions, our clients will have a courtesy car (prior to appointment). Car that can’t be a beetle.